Reiki Master in Oakville, Hands-On Healing: Usui System of Natural Healing


"I met Sue in 1990 at a seasonal Music Camp where I taught singing & afterwards, Susan called me for private lessons in Toronto. With our work & its' progress, it soon became obvious that Susan needed an energy overhaul. I thought that Susan, being sensitive enough to hear a butterfly cry, would respond well to the skill and its' healing. I connected her with a practitioner and before I knew it, 10 years of voice lessons passed, Susan was renewed and a Reiki Master with her own Reiki business. What more can I say....I now have a wonderful flourishing voice studio in a big old house with a grand piano and SUV that I share with a wonderful partner for nearly 10 years. Reiki works and is a big part of the very stuff that acknowledges the "Law of Attraction". Thank you Sue for listening to my gut are the greatest of friends."
– T.O., Hamilton

(I want to express my gratitude in discovering this good friend & spiritual mentor into my life – without his encouragement and intuition, my life would not have become what it is today – thanks, Tom).

"As a teacher, colleague and friend, Susan and I have known one another since 1995. Consistent in her giving, Susan continues to respect & have integrity for her clients, family & friends. She honors each person for their well-being & highest good. The gifts she shares in her teachings & treatment sessions are tremendous. It is a great honor & blessing to know & have Susan in my life."
- B.W., Mississauga, R.M.T.

"As for many of the therapies called « natural », there are really very few competent and serious practitioners. Reiki is accessible to all but the results show that the quality and level of consciousness of the communicator are extremely important. I have enjoyed a relationship with Susan since 1995. I am very grateful to have been at the right place and the right time when I met the Master."
– N.A., Oakville

"Since I wasn't able to tolerate massage therapy due to my pain condition, I found Reiki with Susan to be gentle, soothing and very relaxing. Susan is a great teacher and I learned a lot about the healing energy of Reiki by taking Level I and II training with her. I can now use Reiki on myself, family and friends whenever possible. Reiki has been a great help to me and others in my life."
– S.R., Oakville

"Susan is a most accomplished Reiki Master with far-reaching other skills in the healing field. I found her creative, intuitive, deeply humanistic, loving and above all with excellent energy transformation for healing, hands on as well as long distance. Great Reiki workshops, and exceptional teaching of Reiki practices."
- V.W., Scarborough, Labyrinth Facilitator

"Reiki has made a difference in my life. Having chronic headaches and hip problems I soon found relief through Reiki. Reiki has truly changed my life for the better and I can only hope to continue to do the same for others. What a gift. I find your continued help and support a great comfort. Thank you for starting me on my "Reiki journey". I am grateful to have you as a friend and a mentor."
- S. Z-K., Oakville

"I met Susan in 1996 and was seeking ways to improve my health after a serious and prolonged bout of illness. I was pleased with the results and I believe that it had a positive effect on my health as well as my personal growth. I took Level 1 and experienced some profound changes. Susan is a wonderful, gentle person with enormous integrity and passion and I am so glad that I know her."
- J.S., Oakville

"I met Susan in 1995 and she helped change my life. At that time I had been experiencing migraine headaches which were very severe. Through Susan's Reiki treatments and subsequent Level 1 Reiki training, I am now able to deal with my headaches which are few and far between. I will be grateful to Susan for the rest of my life and to Reiki which has helped me in many other ways."
- I.F., Oakville

"Susan has enriched my life by teaching me the greatest tools of Reiki. I took Level 1 & II under her guidance and both experiences were unique and memorable. Susan provides a welcoming & peaceful environment, easy-to-learn methods and provides additional workshops to practice. I am grateful that to have met her and others on this wonderful journey. Thank you Susan."
- T.C., Oakville

"I met Susan in 2000, when I decided to take my Reiki Level I. After that meeting, I discovered Susan's unique and powerful healing abilities. Susan is intuitive in a very gentle and safe way. Susan is very professional and true to the Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki tradition. Susan values each person she treats, as an individual & gives her best to each one. I thank Susan for bringing Reiki into my life!"
- S.C., Oakville, R.N.

"In 1996, my introduction to Reiki fragmented, rattled and humiliated my rational, scientific mind through an experience that cured an emotionally blocked heart and dissolved physical tension in the body. Reiki has since guided the recognition of my intuitive nature, my development of inner trust and my ability to heal the self and others through direct contact or from a distance."
- M.S., Toronto, R.M.T.

"Susan is truly a great teacher and healer. I've had the benefit of having both student and client experiences with her since 2003 and all were so positive and effective. Her studio is so professional and at the same time so safe and relaxing."
- C.K., Oakville, Reflexologist

"I've found Susan to be a gentle, very caring, attentive and intuitive individual. Susan has a big heart & cares for all the people she gets in contact with. Susan is likely to find & treat problems even if people aren't aware of. I've seen the results of Reiki with my own eyes. Susan, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for bringing Reiki into my life & being always there for me & my family!"
– L.S., Mississauga

"My Reiki experience/treatments through Susan have literally been life altering! I was destitute at the time that I discovered Reiki after having tried other techniques and was still needing a physical and emotional 'cleanse'. The Reiki technique in conjunction with Susan's amazing compassion and knowledge helped me to release and heal from childhood abuse and repetitive, recurring health issues like migraines, TMJ, anemia and panic attacks. Susan, I extend my greatest thanks to you!"
– D.F., formerly of Burlington, now in B.C.

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