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Reiki TreatmentsWhen booking a treatment, it is best to allow an extra 15 minutes beyond the treatment time in your schedule to allow for questions, settling the energy, washroom needs, payment and any future bookings.

Weekdays and weekday evenings are available for treatments, however, with a lot of evenings being booked for workshops, Reiki information talks, classes and clients not available during the day, it is recommended to book evening appointments further ahead.

Clients will experience a deep relaxation within the treatment, while also being made aware that there is a deep healing experience in process on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels as well.  The treatments are just as successful whether the client falls asleep, turns inward to have a quiet session or if they talk through their memories in order to release energy while receiving the positive energy of Reiki.

It is completely okay if a person needs to move around during a treatment as the energy being released can get stuck, most commonly in an arm or leg, on its’ way out of the hands or feet.  The client doesn’t need to concern themselves with depleting the practitioner of his/her energy because the practitioner is also receiving the channeling of energy during the treatment which comes through the practitioner thereby allowing both parties to receive this life force energy, of which there is an unlimited supply.  This process re-energizes and allows healing energy for the practitioner as well.

The healing treatment can take up to 5 days to fully process with integrating, securing and stabilizing the pure, positive energy having been received while continuing to fully release the energy that was stored or trapped in a negative way.  Afterwards, some will feel tired, energized, release old pains and pressures, or have vivid dreams due to the amount of energy released.   A person may also notice that they respond differently towards or from people or situations than before.

House calls are available, with additional costs to be determined based on the distance traveled to include gas and travel time required.  Forms of payment are cheque or cash.

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"Since I wasn't able to tolerate massage therapy due to my pain condition, I found Reiki with Susan to be gentle, soothing and very relaxing. Susan is a great teacher and I learned a lot about the healing energy of Reiki by taking Level I and II training with her. I can now use Reiki on myself, family and friends whenever possible. Reiki has been a great help to me and others in my life." - S. R., Oakville

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