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In the traditional teachings, there is a 3-month wait after a student has completed their Level I training in order to pursue their Level II training – or Second Degree Reiki.

Level II can be taught on a one-on-one basis or just in a small group of 2, possibly 3 at most. There are 3 three-hour sessions which are to be completed within a 2 week time frame allowing the student to have time in between sessions to memorize the Reiki symbols they will learn to use within their Reiki work and treatments.  The 3 month wait is required so that they can fully process their Level I training which can take up to a month, for them to gain some skill with Reiki and also to allow the body to prepare for the changes that Level II and its’ attunements bring.

There are 3 Reiki symbols learned and committed to memory based on the oral traditions which include an empowering symbol, a mental healing symbol and a distant healing symbol allowing energy to be sent at a distance to those needing Reiki who are too far away to treat directly.


Annually, a Level II Review course is offered for those who are feeling rusty with the symbols, the uses of each of them and how they work, as well as the distant healing process.  It can be helpful going through the Level II material as a refresher and, unlike being taught one-on-one when initially having taken Level II, is presented in a weekend afternoon to go through the entire Level II course. Distant Healings are sent in the latter part of the review course for practice. The course is only available to those who have taken their Level II training with me.

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"I had the pleasure of taking Reiki Level One with Susan the spring of 2009.  For anyone looking for a complete understanding of Reiki as well as a deeply moving experience, Susan will offer both as she teaches from the heart and lives and breathes Reiki.  She offers on going training and support for all of her students.  I highly recommend her and am blessed to have had the opportunity to be one of her students. – N.K., Dundas

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