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REIKI LEVEL I COURSES - Adults and Youths

The Adult Level I Reiki courses or First Degree Reiki, as it is often called, are offered approximately every two months during the months of January, March, May, summer, September and November. If there are enough interested to hold another course in between the typical months that Level I is normally held, that can be arranged as well.

The Youth Level I Reiki courses are also offered most often in the summer months and also occasionally during the spring break in March.

Both of the Adult and Youth Level I courses are taught in the traditional method, which is 4 days in a row, with students receiving a Reiki attunement, which is the initiation ceremony which clears the energy channels for the Reiki to come through, each of the four days. The course is offered both during weekdays in the spring and fall, and then every second month, the weeknight/Saturday course is also offered on a Wednesday evening, Thursday evening, Friday evening and all day Saturday which accommodates the majority of people’s work hours. For youth classes, the course is typically taught either 4 weekday mornings or 4 weekday afternoons in a row, just as the adult classes are, but the youth classes are taught in a shorter number of hours each of the days.

It is highly recommended for adults who are taking the course to have a Reiki treatment before the course begins. Although it is not mandatory, it is recommended for the student’s sake in order to understand what a Reiki session feels like from an experiential standpoint, to help create an energetic connection between the student and teacher. The treatment will help to loosen the trapped energy within the energy channels thereby assisting the attunement process so that even more Reiki energy will be able to come through the student’s hands.

In Reiki Level I, there is an extensive general overview of what Reiki is, how it works, what it feels like to receive a treatment, what it feels like for the practitioner, the various levels of training, how it changes one’s life and how it can be used in daily life. Students will also learn the various hand positions for both self-treatment as well as for family, friends and various other daily uses. They will receive handouts each day and also learn the different steps in giving treatments to others which include scanning, grounding, body and brain balancing, mental healing and clearing the energy field.

Once a student has completed their Level I course, they will find subsequent treatments with their practitioner to be more powerful and effective due to having been attuned to the Reiki energy in their training. Even if a person hasn’t received attunements, however, they will heal much more quickly since Reiki heals at 5 times faster than without this healing modality.

With Level I having been completed, the attunements always remain intact and Reiki becomes accessible whenever it’s needed. As with any technique, the more one practices and uses the healing therapy of Reiki, the more powerful one becomes with it, both skillfully and intuitively.

Level I Reiki is a great everyday tool and its’ uses and benefits are endless!

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A student has the opportunity to review the entire Reiki Level I course, including the receiving of all 4 attunements, at any point after having taken the course already. This can be especially helpful if the student has experienced a lot of life changes, if a lot of time has passed since they have taken the course or if the student hasn’t had much opportunity to use their Reiki skills.

For those who want to retake Level I which offers a great review and reinforcement of the Level I course, the cost would be half the price of the Level I if the course has been taken initially with me or any of my own teachers as they will have been taught the same foundations already.


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"As a teacher, colleague and friend, Susan and I have known one another since 1995. Consistent in her giving, Susan continues to respect & have integrity for her clients, family & friends. She honors each person for their well-being & highest good. The gifts she shares in her teachings & treatment sessions are tremendous. It is a great honor & blessing to know & have Susan in my life." - B.W., Mississauga, R.M.T.

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