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Certified to practice in September, 2009

Foot reflexology treatmentOur feet hold our body weight, carry us wherever we go, perform many other activities and therefore deserve the opportunity of a reflexology treatment from time to time. Foot Reflexology and Hand Reflexology are natural healing therapies which work the reflex points on the feet or hands through the systematic application of pressure using the thumbs and fingers to access all parts of the body.  There are specific points where pressure is used to address each part of the body helping the various systems, organs and glands to heal. Those who receive reflexology find that there is relief from stress and tension, improved circulation and that a holistic approach is used in healing the physical, emotional and mental self to bring well-being back into ones’ life, a state called homeostasis, which means ‘staying the same.’

A health history is taken at the beginning of the first treatment while a foot soak is done to relax, warm, open and cleanse the feet. The client typically lays down on a massage table or a reclined chair to receive their reflexology treatment and becomes quite relaxed, sometimes even falling asleep during that time. Throughout the treatment, the immune system is stimulated to work at its optimum level, having blockages and toxins released and experiencing relief from pain.  Reflexologists work from the toes, to the ankles, to the heels in a slow, gentle progression, reflexing the soles, the sides and the tops of the feet, all which reflect specific areas of the body.  Once both feet are done, the reflexologist may apply professional strength aromatherapy oils to massage into the feet which, with its’ many sweat glands, then absorb the oils adding even more health benefits, this part of the treatment often being called the ‘dessert’ portion of the treatment.

Reflexologists are very thoroughly trained and require many classroom hours covering anatomy, physiology and the various systems of the body, as well as many hours of learning and practicing reflexology.  There are assignments, presentations, an anatomy exam, a practical exam performing a full treatment from memory as well as 60 case studies to complete before becoming certified and deciding which Reflexology Association to join in order to offer treatments.

Mini-treatments for the feet can also be done if there isn’t enough time to complete a full foot treatment, for infants and children, those with a short attention span, and in these situations, the most important reflex points would then be addressed in about a 30 minute treatment time. 

Hand Reflexology works in much the same way as Foot Reflexology where specific points on the hand have pressure used to address the same reflex points of the body and although it takes less time to complete a treatment.  It can be helpful when the feet are not able to be done, in cases of carpal tunnel syndrome, for sore hands, in situations where it is more convenient than doing the feet and in cases for issues above the waist. 

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Over the years, I have been guided to learn a few other healing techniques that I felt would enhance my Reiki practice, one which is noted & described above, others which are under “Other Services”, with Reiki still being my mainstay and passion.

Serving Oakville, Mississauga, Burlington, Milton, Brampton, Etobicoke,
Halton, Peel, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

" I met Susan in 2000, when I decided to take my Reiki Level I. After that meeting, I discovered Susan's unique and powerful healing abilities. Susan is intuitive in a very gentle and safe way. Susan is very professional and true to the Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki tradition. Susan values each person she treats, as an individual & gives her best to each one. I thank Susan for bringing Reiki into my life!" - S.C., Oakville, R.N.


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