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Certified to practice in June, 2012

Past Life Regression is completely safe, gentle, and offers the opportunity for healing and growth on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. It can help with conquering fears, phobias and offers many life lessons which have been obstacles and challenges to the present time, including trauma, guilt, shame, resentment, addiction, low self-esteem or confidence, etc. The client brings along an issue in the form of a question that they are having trouble with in their present life. It could be something like “How is it that I can’t overcome anxiety?” or “Why do I have such problems with authority figures?”

Throughout the Past Life Regression process, the client is guided into a very safe and relaxed state, taken back through key points in their present life, through their birth and then further back into a number of past lives. A process of forgiveness and healing is brought into not only the past lives, but also one’s present and future life, creating more peace and happiness. The client does not relive the event, but instead is able to experience it from a detached state of observation. The client will have a total sense of what is going on in the moment, as one also experiences during hypnosis, while allowing a person to be in control of the experience, without any pain or discomfort. At the end of the regression, the client will be given the notes from the session, along with some exercises and new thought forms to work with for the next 30 days helping reinforce the changes and healing experienced.

Past Life Regression, which takes approximately 2 hours, is a powerful tool for accessing the sub-conscious memory and the client does not have to believe in past lives in order to benefit from the sessions. It is a very real experience from a perspective of the healing it offers and all that is required is to be open and willing for change. Whether the Past Life Regression seems real or imagined, the healing and the lessons are still in place to go forward to improve one’s life, with it being a journey into the sub-conscious mind.

The experience of Past Life Regression can feel like a dream, where the client observes, but also may see, hear, and feel what is happening. During the regression, the client may recognize a family member or friend even though they will be in a totally different body. Some clients may find it easier than others to relax so the time or day where the mind is off work and more settled is a consideration to take into account. After the session is over, some people will find they are tired, hungry or thirsty so it is beneficial to keep the schedule light for the time following a session in order to process the regression, allowing for insights and realizations. Some people have interesting and vivid dreams following a regression, all of which can be reviewed and expanded upon through keeping a journal for reference.


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Over the years, I have been guided to learn a few other healing techniques that I felt would enhance my Reiki practice, one which is noted & described above, others which are under “Other Services”, with Reiki still being my mainstay and passion.

Serving Oakville, Mississauga, Burlington, Milton, Brampton, Etobicoke,
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"I met Susan in 1996 and was seeking ways to improve my health after a serious and prolonged bout of illness. I was pleased with the results and I believe that it had a positive effect on my health as well as my personal growth. I took Level 1 and experienced some profound changes. Susan is a wonderful, gentle person with enormous integrity and passion and I am so glad that I know her." - J.S., Oakville

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