Reiki Master in Oakville, Hands-On Healing: Usui System of Natural Healing


Certified to practice April, 2000
Certified to teach April, 2001

Axiatonal Alignment Therapy helps re-establish the connection of the primary/secondary chakras through the meridian system (a “re-wiring” of sorts) using all the acupressure and shiatsu points allowing one to feel whole and “gathered back together again.” This energy therapy also unlocks unresolved issues, energy balancing of the male/female self, allowing one to function at a higher vibration which results in a much stronger connection with your Higher Self and one’s connection to Universal Life Force Energy.

Axiatonal Alignment Therapy is a healing modality that permanently opens damaged or blocked meridians to release emotional blocks that keep us in fear and hold us to our karmic past. Once the meridians are opened, the energy can flow freely and gives us the freedom to experience the unconditional love that is everywhere at all times. The second stage is to “connect the dots,” which creates a “communication highway” helping information and energy flow freely throughout the mind and the body. The third stage allows the opportunity to become more objective in situations, looking from the outside in, view things from the bigger picture, being able to emotionally detach from situations rather than being pulled into them, creating a continuous inner calm heightening a person’s vibration, bringing in a grounding and a centering of energy.

There is no pre-requisite to take this course and although Reiki practitioners will find it enhances healing results when combined with a Reiki treatment, Axiatonal Alignment treatments can also be done separately from Reiki treatments altogether, making this another stress reduction and relaxation technique that works very successful on its’ own as well.

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Over the years, I have been guided to learn a few other healing techniques that I felt would enhance my Reiki practice, one which is noted & described above, others which are under “Other Services”, with Reiki still being my mainstay and passion.

Serving Oakville, Mississauga, Burlington, Milton, Brampton, Etobicoke,
Halton, Peel, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada


"I met Susan in 1996 and was seeking ways to improve my health after a serious and prolonged bout of illness. I was pleased with the results and I believe that it had a positive effect on my health as well as my personal growth. I took Level 1 and experienced some profound changes. Susan is a wonderful, gentle person with enormous integrity and passion and I am so glad that I know her." - J.S., Oakville

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